odgi draw

variation graph visualizations in 2D


odgi draw [-i, –idx=FILE] [-c, –coords-in=FILE] [-p, –png=FILE] [OPTION]…


The odgi draw(1) command draws previously-determined 2D layouts of the graph with diverse annotations.


Files IO

-i, –idx=FILE
Load the graph from this file. The file name usually ends with .og.
-c, –coords-in=FILE
Read the layout coordinates from this .lay format file produced by odgi layout.
-T, –tsv=FILE
Write the TSV layout plus displayed annotations to this file.
-s, –svg=FILE
Write an SVG rendering to this file.
-p, –png=FILE
Write a rasterized PNG rendering to this file.

Visualization Options

-H, –png-height=N
Height of PNG rendering (default: 1000).
-E, –png-border=N
Size of PNG border in bp (default: 10).
-C –color-paths
Color paths (in PNG output).
-R, –scale=N
Image scaling (default 1.0).
-B, –border=N
Image border (in approximate bp) (default 100.0).
-w, –line-width=N
Line width (in approximate bp) (default 0.0).
-S, –path-line-spacing=N
Spacing between path lines in png layout (in approximate bp) (default 0.0).
-X, –path-index=FILE
Load the path index from this file.

Program Information

-h, –help
Print a help message for odgi draw.